Kardio Kombat (by Lisa Gaylord)


Audio Preview (short clips from various songs within this mix)



Mix Length:  75:37

BPM:  136 (customize your bpm! CLICK HERE)

Martial Arts Fitness Inspired Music, ideal for cardio kickbox aerobics, originally released by B&K HOWE MUSIC & re-released by FIT BEAT MUSIC (formerly B&K Howe Music).

A collection of urban rhythmic funk songs produced by well known original artists of the break beat / rhythmic crossover music genre, including DJ Baby Anne, DJ Volume, DJ Brian Howe, Rick West, DefCon 5 & more!


  1. Bass generator
  2. V5.1
  3. Let yourself go
  4. Bust that
  5. Do it
  6. Juice it
  7. In the mix
  8. Break it down
  9. Ride the funk
  10. Def jam
  11. Probe
  12. Check out da sounds
  13. I will give you
  14. Keep the crowd hype
  15. Ancient realms (bonus cool down)
  16. Moments in time (bonus cool down)