Feel The Beat, Vol. 3


Audio Preview (short clips from various songs within this mix)

      FeelTheBeatV3-preview - Fit Beat Music (DJ Brian Howe)


Mix Length:  60:26

BPM:  135 (customize your bpm! CLICK HERE)

Hard hitting, high energy EDM dance beats with some vocals for an explosive non-stop mix, formatted for 32 count group fitness choreography & home use.


  1. Bounce (move that body) vocal mix
  2. Ethnos
  3. Boardwalk
  4. Take Me Away (vocal mix)
  5. Pure Logic
  6. Strange Days
  7. Only Music Survives (vocal mix)
  8. Feel The Energy
  9. You Got Me Rockin’ (vocal mix)
  10. Special Moments
  11. Elevation