DJ Club Mix




TRT:  61:24  |  BPM:  136

A collection of hot beats featuring EDM, Dance, Pop, Techno, House & Trance!  Mixed like a true club DJ would!  This is an essential cardio fitness mix for all ages and class styles.  We keep the energy going from beginning to end.  No “downer” songs here!  All original beats, all original songs!  PPL Free (no ascap, bmi, public performance license) needed!

Song Playlist:

  1. Boom Generation
  2. Apres Ski Party
  3. Get Crazy
  4. Mother Earth
  5. One by One
  6. Sick Like That
  7. Elysium (2016 remix)
  8. Freak Out
  9. You and I
  10. It’s Go Time
  11. Yeah!