Chill Vibes (Yoga | Stretch | Relaxation)


TRT: 62:47 | Note: Audio previews not in order of the mix (read below for more detail)


This specific mix comes with the full non-stop version (single mp3) as well as the individual songs in their entirety (not chopped from the mix) as single songs (not tracked). You get the best of both! Use the mix as it is or use the individual songs and re-arrange them up as you see fit. Or, use the individual songs In combination with a cardio or other workout as the cool down/stretch portion of your program.

TRT: 62:47

PLAYLIST: (non-stop mix version)

  1. Dawn Of A New Day
  2. Desire (chillout mix)
  3. Saving Grace
  4. I See Rain
  5. The Flame (DJ Brian Howe Rework) – Fishburn
  6. Believe In Something Good
  7. Only One
  8. Celebrate You (chill mix)
  9. Sigma Project
  10. Ever After
  11. Above The Clouds