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The official sound of Spartan Strong

Spartan Race & Lifetime Fitness

TRT: 59:36 @ 135bpm

Audio preview clips (1min) of each track in this mix.


This is the ideal playlist for athletic style workout programs with a more intense / aggressive format. This is the same music used for the new Spartan Strong program by Spartan Race and Lifetime Fitness. Music that was produced with an edge. Music that is just as hardcore as the workout.


  1. Deep Impact
  2. DJ Scratch That Record (vocal mix)
  3. Angel Beat
  4. NY Rocker (vocal mix)
  5. Outlaw
  6. Beam (vocal mix)
  7. Complextro
  8. Driver
  9. Charging Forward
  10. Bass Attack (vocal mix)
  11. Floating Groove
  12. Straight & Delicious