Fierce Mix, Vol. 1


Audio Preview (short clips from various songs within this mix)

      Fierce_Mix_Vol1_preview - Fit Beat Music (DJ Brian Howe)


Mix Length:  73:13

BPM:  138 (customize your bpm! CLICK HERE)

Adrenaline charged hip hop urban funk beats for athletic oriented group fitness and cardio programs.  Ideal for kickbox aerobic programs.  Music produced and mixed by DJ Brian Howe originally for Kimberly Spreen and released on video, then distributed by Dynamix Music in 2003.  This mix has been unavailable for over 5 years.  This is a re-release and now it can be yours!


1. Intro (What is Fierce)

2. Deep Spirit (Electro Mix)

3. Check Out da Soundz

4. King of Rock

5. Rock the Mic (Keep the Crowd Hype)

6. Do It

7. Drop the Bass

8. Get on the Dance Floor

9. Lose Yourself

10. Rock the Disco-tech

11. Back to the Beat

12. Buck Wild

13. Let the Funk Vibrate

14. Make em Clap

15. Funky, Get Down (Bonus Condition)

16. Cascades (Bonus Cool Down)